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How it works
Meet a few simple requirements: 

*18 years or older

*Income of at least $1000/month

*Active bank account for at least 90 days

*Employed for at least 6 months -Acceptable income includes (Employment, Social Security, Long-term disability, Self Employment)


1) Apply directly here

2) Complete application form and click “Submit”
•If auto-approved, you will be notified of your approval
•If NOT auto-approved, complete the prompted online bank verification or needed documents to re-submit for approval.

3) If you do not have online banking, or would prefer not to complete the online bank verification, please contact Acima Direct: (801) 297-1980

4) Once approved, visit our store website HERE and shop for your new tires and/or rims! Or just give us a call 215-839-5956 and we can get ANY TIRES that you request on demand. The process is that simple.

After you have selected your tires and have scheduled your installation (Philadelphia location only) or have decided to have the tires shipped directly to your door, you can choose your repay options by contacting the lender (801) 297-1980. Your options include; 90 Days Same As Cash (0%) or up to 1 year. During the final process stage your $0-$50 initial payment (processing fee) will be taken from a debit, credit card or depending on your choice of lender we may accept cash as the initial payment.

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